A Message from the Supervisor

Al Riley, AICP, Township Supervisor

It is said that when Alexis De Tocqueville visited this country in the early 1800’s, he was so overwhelmed with the give-and-take, egalitarian precepts and popular concerns that he saw addressed that he wrote a book. Tocqueville’s Democracy in America is a classic treatise on many things, but the government that he wrote about was rudimentary Township government -the oldest form of governmental structure in this country. 

By statute, modern Township government is mandated to provide for road and bridge maintenance, the vital safety net of general assistance and to perform the assessment of all real property within the Township. Other services usually include senior and youth services, health service delivery and programs to the disabled.

These basic functions are specific and targeted, and clearly no less important than the services that a municipal corporation (city or village) provides. It can be said that effective Township government provides a needed adjunct to the services that cities and villages provide and “fills the gaps” where these services do not exist.

As your Township Supervisor, not only will I continue the award-winning services and programs that have brought distinction to Rich Township throughout all Chicagoland; but above all, I will insure that the provision of Township services continues to be without reproach, high quality, and geographically equitable to all Township residents.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions, comments and concerns. I also encourage you to voice them at Township board meetings, held the first Monday of each month at 6pm. As a resident, this is your Township, and it is you we are here to serve.

Warm regards,
Al Riley, AICP

PS: Rich Township is over one and a half centuries old. I invite you to view this video about the history of our community.