In the true spirit of local government, the staff in the Rich Township Assessor’s Office should be your first level of support for questions regarding the Cook County property tax process.

In order to receive faster service and shorter wait times, please call the Assessor’s office in advance to schedule an appointment to process exemptions, property tax appeals, or address other property tax issues. Many questions can also be answered over the phone or via email. Please call 708-228-5037 and ask to speak to the Assessor’s staff or email

Sam Brown, CIAO
Rich Township Assessor

The Assessor’s Office is here to assist residents with tax exemptions, senior deferrals, assessment complaints, and in securing refunds and copies of deeds and tax bills. In addition, the Assessor’s Office:

  • Processes building permits
  • Maintains up-to-date address records and maps
  • Advises taxpayers on Board of Review processing
  • Acts as liaison with property owners to the Cook County Assessor
  • Assists in the preparation of Agricultural Valuation documents
  • Travels downtown weekly to deliver exemption renewal forms, Certificate of Error requests, and appeals to the Cook County Assessor’s Office
  • Requests assessment by Legal Description bills (these bills are for taxpayers whose property is on an underlying or sub number pin)
  • Obtains duplicate copies of tax bills, delivers change of name forms for new residents and works with the Cook County Treasurer’s Office on behalf of taxpayers
  • Requests copies of duplicate deeds from the Recorder of Deeds office
  • Order tax redemptions from the Cook County Clerk, and much more
  • Your property’s assessed value, which is determined by the Cook County Assessor
  • The “equalizer,” an annual computation determined by Illinois Dept. of Revenue
  • Tax levies, annually levied by local taxing bodies
  • Exemptions determined by the State Legislature

If you have questions about tax factors, or if you need help in the areas described above the Assessor’s Office will be glad to assist you.

  • Fritz Kaegi, Cook County Assessor, applies the “equalizer.” The Assessor’s Office also provides a detailed explanation of “How Your Property is Valued.”
  • Maria Pappas, Cook County Treasurer, collects property tax throughout Cook County.
  • Karen Yarbrough, Cook County Clerk, calculates the tax rates based on tax levies.

If you have questions about tax factors, or if you need help in the areas described above the Assessor’s Office will be glad to assist you.

Interested in having a representative from the Rich Township Assessor’s office come to your association or organization? We can give a presentation on real estate tax-related topics, exemptions, and answer questions about filing assessment appeals. Call us at 708-228-5037 or send us an email at to schedule a visit.