General Assistance

General Assistance is a monthly administered stipend provided by the local Township to individuals who are not eligible for any other state or federal assistance with very low income or no income households that have exhausted all other means of support. The recipient’s income must not exceed $600 per month to be eligible. Those who receive the stipend must provide community service and/or pursue education and employment as directed by the office unless exempt due to a disability or medical issue.

The maximum assistance is $312 to be used for shelter, utilities, food,  and transportation (in specific situations pre-approved by the Director of General Assistance). We also refer clients to local agencies for assistance with other services including physician and dental services, prescriptions and emergency services.

A qualifying applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Age
    • Between 18 years and 62 years
  • Residency
    • Reside within the boundaries of Rich Township
  • Citizenship
    • U.S. citizen
  • Other Assistance
    • Not currently receiving Social Security Disability (SSI or SSDI)
    • Not currently receiving payments from a cash assistance program, such as Aid to the Aged, Blind, or Disabled (AABD), Temporary Assistance to Needed Families (TANF), or Refugee and Repatriate Assistance (RRA)
    • Residents may receive assistance during a pending application for the above.
  • Income
    • Less than $600.00 per month
  • Workfare Participation
    • If able to work, serve in  Community Work Program, register and follow up with IDES, and seek and accept full-time employment. The Township may provide a range of services to support Workfare participation.
    • If the recipient is unable to work, they must provide a doctor’s note stating work restrictions.

How To Apply

  • Complete the Verification Form and the General Assistance Application. Click here to receive the form and application.
  • Submit form, application, and supporting documentation via email to
  • Schedule appointment to come into the office to sign and documentation.

An appointment will not be given until all is provided. An applicant must bring the application and supporting documentation back in person within 30 days in order to complete the process.

If you have any questions, please email or call (708) 228-5008.