Township Government

Rich township government structure

The Township Board consists of five members: the Supervisor as chairman, and four other members, each of whom has one vote. The Highway Commissioner is not an official member of the Board; however, it is advisable that the Highway Commissioner attends Board meetings. The Town Clerk is the clerk of the Board of Trustees and votes in case of a tie when filling a vacancy in a township office. The Board may hire such township employees as they feel are needed. However, they do not hire employees for the office of Supervisor of General Assistance, the Township Highway Commissioner, and the Township Assessor. These employees are hired by the officials of these offices. (60 ILCS 1/80

About your Township Supervisor

Pursuant to Chapter 60, Section 70 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes, the Supervisor is the elected Chief Executive Officer of the Township, and has four primary responsibilities. 
They are:

  1. Administrator of General Assistance
  2. Chairman of the Township Board of Trustees
  3. Treasurer of all township funds
  4. Ex officio Treasurer of the Road and Bridge Fund

The Clerk keeps records and countersigns orders or vouchers. He is an ex­officio clerk for the road district and may administer the oath of office.

The assessor evaluates and appraises property in the township which is subject to taxation for the year. (60 ILCS 1/77-5)

The Highway Commissioner is responsible for maintenance of roads in the road district. The Highway Commissioner does not have voting power as other township officials on the Board.

The trustees carry out orders prescribed for them by the electors assembled at an annual township or special township meeting. They must also carry out certain functions as directed by the Illinois General Assembly. They are members of the Board.